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Celebrating Passion, Purpose, and Excellence: 25 Years of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

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Tuesday, August 18th marks the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan White CARE Act. The largest program of its kind, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program provides services to an estimated 536,000 people each year who do not have adequate health care coverage or financial resources to cope with HIV disease. The program also provides grants to fund research evaluating models of HIV care, so that recipients receive the highest quality treatment possible.

This year, we celebrate #PassionPurposeExcellence. The official theme of the 25th Anniversary is "Moving Forward with CARE: Building on 25 Years of Passion, Purpose, and Excellence." Visit the anniversary website to learn more about the history of the Ryan White program and where it is headed in the future. Together, we remember why this fight started, why it continues, and why we all play an important role in its success.